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at Timber Lake Playhouse



at Indiana University


at Indiana University



Vocal Reel

Instrument Reels




Class of 2020 Senior Showcase

Despite the graduating classes of 2020 experiencing graduation during a global pandemic, Indiana University's class of 2020 was determined to come back together when it was safe to do so and record the senior showcase we had been looking forward to and preparing for four years. We drove and flew back to Bloomington, IN and recorded our showcase over labor day weekend of 2021, and I couldn't be more proud to be a part of this graduating class.

Below is Kerrigan & Lowdermilk's "I Confess".

Video Produced and Edited by Ethan Gill, Jacob Crawley, and Haley Semian | Office of the Provost

Merry Christmas Darling

During Christmas 2020 I arranged, recorded, and edited a Christmas medley and put it over old home videos we had sitting in a closet at home. My mom played the piano, my dad and I sang, and my brother played the guitar. It was a wonderful thing to do as a family, and made a great Christmas gift to ourselves in such a dark time in the world. Below is a short clip, the entire video can be found on my youtube channel.

(warning: wholesome)

Charity Birthday Concert 2020

2020 was a year that racial and social injustice came to the forefront of the minds of many Americans, including myself.


For my birthday in 2020 I taught myself how to put together and stream a live performance on Youtube. I prepared and performed an hour long birthday concert where I asked viewers to donate to the Anti-Racism Fund, the ACLU, and the Lebanese Red Cross to aid those affected by the Breuit warehouse explosion.


I donned my best quarantine hair and cleared out my bedroom, my brother Billy played guitar and made sure the livestream kept running, my neighbor and childhood friend Mackenzie Folks came to my house and recorded background vocals, and my parents made great in person audience members (see video below). 


Through the donations of generous viewers, we were able to raise $600 for these charities, and it was the best birthday present I could have imagined.

I've put together a small highlight reel of the concert below, feel free to check out the entire concert on my Youtube channel.

There are links to the Anti-Racism Fund, ACLU, and Lebanese Red Cross below if you'd like to see what these organizations are up to and potentially make a donation yourself.

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